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Cy-Car USA Inc. provides vehicle design services supported by development and test facilities. Focused on chassis, suspension and drive train design, the company provides electro-mechanical design services to the aerospace industry, particularly to the un-manned air vehicle segment, and more recently, to the E-VTOL industry.

In the field of automotive design, substantial resources are being applied to refining and advancing electric vehicles. Whilst four and five passenger high-performing electric cars are now produced in quantity, there is a future market for two person compact commuting vehicles.

Systems Technology

Cy-Car USA inc. introduces an innovative drive system for light electric vehicles. This drive integrates the motor and reduction gearing into the upper and lower ends of the conventional suspension strut, either front, rear or both.

This compact system, with the majority of the system weight chassis-mounted, offers substantial advantages to the vehicle builder by eliminating chassis mounted motors, gearboxes and driveshafts.

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